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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Final Exam

This is a reminder that the final exam will be in Quigley  room 203 at 10:10am on Monday. Please arrive with pen and paper, as well as a copy of your Mercury Reader.


Snow Day


We will not be meeting today due to the University’s closure. Therefore I am asking that you email your portfolio to me, and if that is not possible bring it with you to the final exam. If you email the portfolio I will have your estimated final grade (minus the 10% from your exam) calculated and ready for you on Monday and your portfolio grade will be posted to D2L before that. Also if you email the portfolio do not worry about scanning your original drafts–simply bring them with you to the exam and I will confirm the points I credited you for them.

Everyone be safe and enjoy the snowy weekend!

final portfolio


Your portfolio must be bound in some way: brackets, binder, or folder. It must also be submitted to D2L to earn credit.

The portfolio should contain:
1. Your reflective introduction
2. A revised Unit Two essay
3. Two additional revised essays of your choice
4. Your  original Unit essays