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Reflective Introduction and Portfolio Prompt

ENG 101: English Composition I

Unit Five Assignment Prompt:

Reflective Introduction & Portfolio

Portfolio Submission Date: Friday, 06 December 2013 


To demonstrate your growth as a writer, your understanding of your composing processes, and your awareness of your rhetorical choices, you will compose a Portfolio of three revised and polished essays. This Portfolio will include Unit Two, along with two of the following: Unit One, Unit Three, and Unit Four.

To introduce your reader to your Portfolio—and to your semester-long development as a writer and scholar—you will compose a Reflective Introduction, which will discuss:

I. the three essays you selected, with attention to rhetorical choices you made about:
i. your initial composition of the essays
ii. your revisions of these essays (both from Rough Draft to Working Folder Draft and from WF Draft to Portfolio Draft)
iii. your reasons for including these essays

II. your development as a writer in this course, with thorough reflection upon:
i. increased skills as a writer and scholar
ii. areas to be targeted for improvement in future courses
iii. how development will serve you in future situations

Thus, in the Reflective Introduction, you will write about your own writing; and, in this process, you will show that you can “take a careful look at [your] own work to identify [your] patterns, strengths, and preferences for negotiating writing tasks, for learning new skills, and for putting those skills into practice” (Portfolio Keeping 6).

The Reflective Introduction builds upon previous writings. In Unit One, you explored an event in your life that increased your literacy education and enabled you to join a community. Here, you will explore your semester in ENG 101, an event that increased your rhetorical education and enabled you to join the community of academia. In Units Two and Three, you analyzed and evaluated the rhetorical choices of others; in this Unit, you will analyze and evaluate your own choices, writing processes, and their results. In Unit Four, you synthesized knowledge from multiple texts to assert your own claim; here, you will synthesize evidence from our entire course (i.e. essays, flashwrites, homework, readings, discussion, etc.) to support your conclusions about your evolution as a writer. Further, the Reflections completed after each Unit serves as a Unit-length example of this course-length Reflective Introduction.

Reflective Introduction Requirements

Page Length:  5-6 double-spaced pages (12-point font, 1” margins) with MLA header

The Reflective Introduction should:

  1. show critical engagement with and reflection upon your own writing processes
  2. demonstrate your ability to use college-level written communication
  3. have a creative, unique title and introduction that captures reader interest
  4. present a thesis that offers an overall evaluation your writing and development
  5. illustrate your writing journey through an overarching metaphor or image
  6. provide sufficient evidence from a variety of sources to support your claims
    these sources (i.e. readings, drafts, responses) must be cited accurately
  7. have a logical organization aided by effective transitions
  8. be virtually free of mechanical, grammatical, and usage errors

Portfolio Requirements:

The Portfolio should:

  1. open with a Reflective Introduction
  2. hold three revised and polished essays
  3. must hold Unit Two
  4. hold two of the following: Unit One, Unit Three, & Unit Four
  5. include WF Drafts and Professor Responses for each included essay
  6. place in an order that supports ideas explored in Reflective Intro

Revision Policy for Portfolio:
Because our course supports the theory that writing is a process occurring over time, and continual improvement is possible for all writers, the English Department strongly encourages all writers to revise the essays selected for their Portfolio.

Since our course also supports and encourages risk-taking, creativity, and invention throughout the composition process, please be advised that you will not receive a lower grade on your Portfolio Draft than you did on your WF Draft. If you choose not to revise, you will receive the same grade. If you revise in a way that some might see the essay as less successful after revisions, you will receive the same grade. Strong, thoughtful revisions, though, can only increase your grade—so, revision is encouraged!


Portfolio Due Date: Friday, 06 December 2013

*submit (1) hard copy in class AND (2) electronic copy via D2L

*if not submitted both in hard & electronic copy, late penalty will occur


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