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We have conferences scheduled for Friday (11/15) and Monday (11/18) in Faner 2238. You must come to your scheduled conference or you will receive two unexcused absences. If you did not hand a rough draft in to me today you will need to bring what you do have completed of your Unit Four essay to the conference. Also, try to have the check list that I have emailed to you completed and with you for our conference.

It’s time to get things done, so do not waste the two days that we are not meeting as a class. Get work done on your essay–schedule a meeting with the writing center, ask a friend to have a look at your paper–and keep working even if we are not set to meet until Monday. If you end up changing your draft bring in a new copy and we can go over that as well.

The final draft is due Wednesday, November 20th. 



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Hello students, I'm very excited for the semester with hopes that this blog will keep everyone organized and on task! If you have any questions or concerns stop by my office (Faner 2238) or let me know via email.

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