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Unit Two Essay Checklist:

-Brings the reader into the paper with an intriguing image, thought, or element of the ad.
-Briefly summarizes the ad.
-Includes a thesis statement that addresses your rhetorical findings in the ad and tells the reader whether or not you found the ad as a whole to be effective.

-Is completely objective and contains no commentary from the writer
-Is a detailed review that addresses all physical elements of your ad.

-Uses details from your description to make claims about the rhetoric of the ad.
-Whenever a claim is made evidence is provided to explain the reasoning behind the claim.
-Addresses at least one mode of persuasion (ethos/pathos/logos), at least one of the 15 appeals, and either the window or mirror effect.
-Is objective and does not contain the writer’s judgment of the ad.

-Addresses claims from your analysis and comments on whether or not they were effective uses of rhetoric.
-Evaluates all individual claims in light of the target audience, and then evaluated the ad as a whole.
-Evidence is always provided to reinforce evaluations and to show why the judgment was made.
-Finally, a brief overview of your personal evaluation of the ad as a whole.

-Restates the thesis
-Discusses your understanding of analysis after having taken on this assignment.
-Ends with an “open door” that allows the reader to continue thinking about your findings. This can be done through a striking image, a question, or provocative statement.

-MLA heading with page numbers
-1” margins, no extra space between title, heading, and subtitles!
-12pt font times new roman
-Hard copy stapled when turned in.



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