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Notes on Being an Active Reader.

Taken from chapter 5 of the A&B  pgs 134-150

Mark up your text!
Recognize the text’s parts and functions, and summarize it’s ideas
Vocabulary: Read with the internet close by! Look up things that are unclear or foreign

5 strategies for reading like an expert:

1. “Reconstruct Rhetorical Context”—Ask questions about purpose, audience, genre, and motivating occasion.

2.”Take Notes”—expert readers seldom only use highlighters, which encourages passive reading because they are vague indicators of thought when you revisit a text. Always read with a pen or pencil in hand!

3. “Get in the dictionary habit!”—If you don’t want to interrupt your reading check off words that you are unsure of and return to them when done reviewing the text.

4. “match your reading speed to your goals”—speed up when skimming or scanning for information. Slow down when looking for a comprehensive or complete analysis of the work. Novice readers tend to read everything at the same pace, experienced readers know when to adjust their speed.

5. “Read a complex text in a ‘multidraft’ way”—always read a text 2/3 times! The first time read quickly, skimming ahead to get a feel for the work in general. Pay particular attention to the conclusion, which often ties the whole argument together. Once you’ve done this revisit sections that felt vague and read them slowly. Try to asterisk sections of an essay or text that are giving you trouble.


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