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Notes on Evaluation

Our third section of the Unit Two paper is an evaluation. Evaluative arguments have a persuasive rather than informative aim. It is a specific kind of argument that focuses on an evaluative stance, an overall judgement about the image, rather than simply pointing out the good or bad points of something. Evaluations are an important type of argument because they help readers to make choices about their own actions, beliefs, or values by testing the validity or believability of the image. In this section of the Unit Two essay you will be arguing the effectiveness of your advertisement. Overall you need to keep the target audience of the Ad in mind as you evaluate and remember to always provide evidence from the advertisement when you make a claim!

What does an effective Ad do?
1. Raises interest in the product via modes of persuasion. (ethos/pathos/logos)
2. Appeal to the target audience through rhetoric. (15 appeals, mirror/window)
3. Creates an immediate connection between the audience and product. (target audience)
4. Has either an implicit or explicit message that forms a thesis.
-an implicit message is the connotation of the image
-an explicit message is the denotation of the image

What should be addressed in my evaluation?
1. Whether or not the ad has properly aligned with the target audience and what evidence implies that.
2. The “thesis” or theme of your ad and what rhetoric built it. Consider the implicit and explicit messages that your ad is sending out through rhetoric.
3. Your experience with this ad and how your investigation of it affected you as a consumer.

Some things you may be able to evaluate are the Ad’s use of:
-Creativity (rhetoric/thesis)
-Agents (gender, class, race)
-Visual symbolism/metaphor
-Text (what wording accompanies the image)



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