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An example of description for Unit Two

Now that you have your Unit Two advertisement take some time with it and write a paragraph or more of pure description. Even the most acute of observations are valid and you should be attempting to record all that the audience of the Ad may consider.

Remember that your page and a half of description is due in class monday for peer review.

Here’s an example of what a descriptive paragraph for your ad may look like:

The primary product being discussed in this ad is the beverage Corona Extra. There are three focal points to this ad: two long-neck versions of the beverage and a young woman relaxing on a hammock at the center of the two bottles. Each bottle takes up a large portion of the advertisement and is visible despite what quadrant of the ad is being observed. Light shines through the bottles pleasantly and a small collection of foam is compiled at the top of each beverage indicating that they are freshly opened. Barely visible, an eighth of lime is plugged into the mouth of each bottle. They rest on a wooden table and because of the camera perspective we can only see the portion of the table that supports the bottles–for the most part it appears aged and the uniform metal rivets at the end of the table’s slats create a path or line of vision that runs from bottle to bottle. The bottles are sweating and look refreshing as their golden color is highlighted by the sunlight. Beyond the bottles a young woman rests in a hammock. She is perpendicular to the hammock and slightly props herself up with a foot in the sand so that her body is displayed to the camera. Her arms are spread across the netting of the hammock giving the tenor of relaxation. She is in a bikini top and her waist is wrapped in a short shawl. Her hair is loose and she wears sunglasses–natural beauty is emphasized. The hammock that she rests in spans between the two, much closer to view, bottles in a way that makes it appear as if the Coronas are supporting the hammock: in a sense they are the actual, physical support of the relaxation being depicted. The surrounding scene is a tropical beach setting. Clear skies overhead are reflected by a cerulean sea. although it is a sunny day the scene is spotted with lots of shadow and in the distance we can see a sailboat indicating that there must be some type of breeze or wind cooling off the scene. The ad in its entirety promotes comfort and relaxation.


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