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Imagine that your parents and the next-door neighbors are close friends. They decide to go on a trip together over the 4th of July weekend and leave you at home in charge of watching over the houses. You decide that a small BBQ and get-together is a fine idea and invite some people over. As the party goes on, more and more people show up, to the point that you can hardly recognize anyone. One thing leads to another and a stray party-goer begins shooting off 4th of July fireworks–one lands on the roof of your neighbor’s garage.

The fire department is called as the garage bursts into flames. Luckily the fire is put out before it can spread to the house but your neighbor’s garage is completely decimated. The next day you are required to submit a statement of events to the fire marshal so that he can file a report on the incident. You also want to email/facebook your best friend who was out of down during the party and tell her/him all about it.

Write each of these explanations with your target audience in mind. Remember who you are speaking to and what rhetorical devices/what voice is appropriate when speaking to each recipient. This does not have a length requirement but please try to creatively and effectively execute the topic.


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Hello students, I'm very excited for the semester with hopes that this blog will keep everyone organized and on task! If you have any questions or concerns stop by my office (Faner 2238) or let me know via email.

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