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In-class response #3

The enemy toys of carpet.

The enemy toys of carpet.

For today’s warm up I would like you to draft two descriptions, each a paragraph long. The first description should focus on a toy that you had while growing up, and the second should be a description of a toy that you desperately wanted but your parents would never buy for you.

In your descriptions try to be as specific as you can–don’t be afraid to use sensory details if you can remember aspects of the toy beyond its looks–what sounds did it make? Did it have a smell? Did it live up to the hype the commercials made for it?

Draft this response in your email and send it off to me at



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Hello students, I'm very excited for the semester with hopes that this blog will keep everyone organized and on task! If you have any questions or concerns stop by my office (Faner 2238) or let me know via email.

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