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Day One, Assignment One

To get us started I’d like you to write an email to be sent to me from your SIU account in which you state your full name as well as the name you prefer to be called in class, your year and major/career aspirations, and anything else you would like to share.

Below that information you will draft your first free write of the semester in which you need to write two paragraphs  concerning either:
A) A description of your favorite assignment from any prior class–not just English–and what about that assignment worked for you so that you did well and enjoyed it.
B) Talk about a time when language was crucial to your success, whether in school or outside of the classroom.


About Ms. Ruffino

Hello students, I'm very excited for the semester with hopes that this blog will keep everyone organized and on task! If you have any questions or concerns stop by my office (Faner 2238) or let me know via email.

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